COZING-BQ02A Indications:

  1. Allergic rhinitis, Chronic rhinitis, Nasosinusitis, Atrophic rhinitis, Turbinate hypertrophy, kinds of rhinitis patients
  2. Chronic pharyngitis
  3. Tinnitus,otitis media,sudden deafness, vertigo
  4. Reducing High Blood Fat, Reducing High Blood Viscosity, adjuvant therapy and prevent the Ischemic Cardio-Cerebrovascular Disease.ect.

COZING-BQ02A benefits:
-COZING-BQ02A  irradiate on the damaged nasal mucosal tissue by harmless 650nm low-level laser to activate and repair mucosal cells, speed up local blood circulation, and help mucosal cells to absorb the inflammatory exudation
- improve the detoxification capacity, metabolism, anti-allergy capacity of nasal mucosa to treatment various of rhinitis.
-reduce blood viscosity, blood fat, cholesterol, dilate blood vessels, adjust blood pressure, improving microcirculation, the obvious effect on preventing thrombosis.
-It is good for blood to carry oxygen metabolism, improve body oxygen and nutrition supply, improve the body resistance to oxidation and removal of oxygen free radical ability.
-For the prevention and treatment of disease of heart head blood-vessel, anti-aging, enhance immunity

Clinical test:

For some people, 30mins some people will feel effectively treatment.

2 weeks later, it can repair and improve 30%.

3-6 months later, 80% rhinitis will repair or recover.


  1. Adopts low-level laser irradiation which is painless, non-invasive, no side effects and has good, rapid effects.
  2. The instrument does not contain a pharmaceutic and chemical component. Laser treatment fundamentally enhances the detoxifying capacity and immunocompetence.
  3. It's a household portable instrument.
  4. Chargeable medical use of high capacity lithium battery and can be used continuously about 30 hours after every charging.
  5. Extra laser head and jackets provided to the treatment more cleaner and healthier.

How to use COZING-BQ02?   

Dual laser nasal irradiation, and irradiation continuously.

Once a day, each time is 45mins; each treatment course is10 days and interval is 3 days rest. Before treatment take one cup of purified water.


 Package include

1 * main Machine+1* Charge wire +1* Adapter +1* Double nose catity lead +2 * Nose caps +1* Manual book +1 * Gift box

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