It seems inconceivable that simply shining a red light on your body can relieve pain, yet scientifically-valid evidence of the benefits of red light therapy for pain and inflammation is growing, COZING-MR04 is adopt the medical grade LED light , the treatment efficiency is clinical proved, SFDA and MEDICAL CE certified

What is the benefits of the LED light therapy ?

LED light emits light energy that reduces pain and temporarily increases local blood circulation.This increased circulation accelerates your body’s recovery process and temporarily relieves minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness, minor arthritis pain, and temporarily relaxes muscles.

The idea behind red light therapy for pain is that infrared light penetrates the skin without cutting it. There is evidence that infrared light stimulates mitochondrial function. The mitochondria is the part of the cell that stimulates healing and produces protein and collagen.

Recent research has shown that the type of therapy work to help reduce inflammation. A triple-blind study of mice has shown that neuropathic pain due to inflammation was significantly decreased with the use of red light therapy.

What is the COZING-MR04 Indications?

  1. Pain relief, Anti-inflammatory, swelling, promoting blood circulation, auxiliary treatment for hemorrhoids and various inflammations.
  2. Improve pigmentary pathological changes,such as freckle,sunburn,senile plaques.
  3. Improve dark complexion caused by bad metab​olism or poor circulation.
  4. Repair and nurse the damaged skin.
  5. Do detumescence,inflammation diminishing and scar elimination treatment for oil acne effectively.
  6. Improve symptoms such as aging and loosening skin,big pore,slender wrinkles.
  7. Wound healing, Pain management , acne treatment.


What are the characteristics of red light therapy?

The anti-inflammatory properties of red light therapy have had widespread success in alleviating pain in many people. If you have back pain, neck pain or sciatica red light may help reduce inflammation and discomfort and restore a healthy range of motion.

Research suggests that red and near-infrared light are highly effective in treating chronic inflammation by suppressing and reducing inflammation throughout the body dramatically. Red light helps in decreasing inflammation where mitochondria is present in the tissue, joints and other organs of the body.

Best Blue Light Therapy Devices for Acne

-Although acne breakouts are more commonly associated with adolescence, the problem can occur at any age. 

-Surface or deep blemishes develop when glands produce an excess of grease, which blocks pores and creates the ideal environment for bacterial growth. 

-While there are many different OTC and prescription formulations available as acne treatments, with the growing concerns about chemicals, many patients opt for light therapy to treat their hormonal or cystic acne. 

-Home-use devices COZING-MR04 feature red and blue LED lights that combine efforts to reduce inflammation while killing harmful bacteria. Light therapy is recommended by dermatologists to aid in the healing process and inhibit future skin eruptions.


How Light Treats Acne

  1. Acne forms in pores -- the tiny holes in your skin. Each pore contains an oil-producing gland. The oil keeps your skin healthy.But sometimes the oil, dirt, and dead skin cells can get trapped inside pores and clog them up.
  2. Bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) that live on your skin can also get inside these blocked pores. P. acnes make the clogged pores swell up into bumps called acne.
  3. One way to kill bacteria and clean up pimples is light. The bacteria in your skin are sensitive to certain types of light.
  4. When you shine these lights on your skin, toxic substances form and kill the bacteria. Light therapy also shrinks the oil glands in your skin, so your skin makes less pore-clogging oil.

Red light wavelength 625nm/penetrates skin 1-6nm/increases skin elasticity/for skin cell regeneration, limited improvement of acne marks allergic skin. Penetrates deep into the skin accelerates the metabolism of active tissues breaks down pigmentation, improves fine lines and sagging skin.

Blue light wavelength 465nm/penetrates the skin 1nm/ it is very helpful for acne bacteria to inhibit sebaceous glands/prevent wound infection and calm allergic skin. Enhance cell energy, has a good effect on metabolism/balance secretion / calm skin control oil.

What is light therapy, you may ask?

Light therapy involves using different colors of visible light to treat minor skin conditions. It’s important to choose a device that has SFDA clearance (or similar endorsement). If the product is not endorsed, it’s not guaranteed.We have compiled a thorough introduction to the life-changing world of light therapy devices. Light therapy offers many users another way to treat their acne. No harsh chemicals, no smelly creams, no sensitivity to sunlight. Don’t you deserve clear, healthy skin?

Compare with other cheap LED light Therapy devices, our COZING-MR04 advantages as following:

  1. MEDICAL CE certified.
  2. It`s concentrate 210pcs LED light, total output reach 105W.
  3. Each led light with the high intensity, and each led light output is 500mW/PC, medical grade LED light.
  4. The Led light probe inside has the electric fan to help the heat output.
  5. Excellent treatment efficiency, and also positive clinical trail proved.
  6. Red led light therapy and blue led light therapy can be adjusted as your demand.
  7. The light angle and height , power intensity and treatment time can be adjusted as your demand.
  8. The treatment time can be shorten. 

Technical Parameters:

COZING-MR04 package

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105W Medical Grade Phototherapy LED red light therapy for Body pain relief

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