The package including :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

 Main unit with the USB wire*1+manual book*1+gift box*1

Causes of nasal strictness:                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Nasal strictness and cold are often associated with each other. People who have a cold often have a tight nose, and those with a tight nose are prone to catch a cold. The main reason for the strictness of the nose is that after the nasal mucosa is damaged, it can not heal for a long time. Various kinds of viruses in the air grow and develop in the damaged area, forming a lesion! This way our nose often feels uncomfortable, dry nose, stuffy nose, nasal allergies, nasal pain, etc. These symptoms are nasal tightness. Once there is a chance, the lesion will develop to the head or deep in the respiratory tract, causing a headache or a cold! If the damaged nasal mucosa does not heal for a long time, it will form a tight nose.

Principle of phototherapy:

Three-step cycle of nasal strictness - easy to say goodbye to the nose

The first step: the smoothness in the nasal cavity, the symptoms of nasal congestion disappear, the microcirculation is accelerated, and the breathing is restored smoothly.

The second step: repair the damaged nasal mucosa, promote wound healing, reduce the production of secretions, and completely kill various pathogenic bacteria causing rhinitis.

The third step: comprehensive health conditioning and activation of the nasal cavity. The green physiotherapy concept completely solves the side effects caused by long-term use of the nasal cavity and other defects such as surgery that cannot be completely materialized. Clinically verified by more than 6,300 cases in more than 30 top three hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, etc.: The nasal physiotherapy is effective, safe and reliable.

Principle of phototherapy:                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

1Insert the laser head into the nose, no need too deeply .

2Connect the USB port to the power supply

3Turn on the portable power bank, the laser will output automatically.

Compare with the cheap rhinitis laser, what`s the COZING-USBN advantages :                                                                                                                             

1. The imported laser diode, it is the real laser light therapy , the others is the led light. ​

2. High classes wire, not the cheap wire. ​

3. Laser penetration is 1-3CM, but led is 1-3mm, so the laser treatment efficiency much better than the led . ​

4. USB wrie powered, it is totally get rid of the main unit , the newest in the international marketing. 


配送费用($) 50

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650nm Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Rhinitis Laser Therapy

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