What is the indications of the COZING-T01A ?

  1. Diminish inflammations, Wounds & Ulcers, Osteoarthritis, Acupuncture, Rehabilitation therapy
  2. Joint & soft tissue injuries , Neck & Back , arthritis , Strains & sprains , Frozen shoulder , Tennis/Golfer Elbow 
  3. Pain relief, Knee arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Athletic system injuries, Soft tissue injuries
  4. Sciatica , Knee/ foot pain , Achilles Tendonitis
  5. Therapeutic laser is used to treat a myriad of conditions, including osteoarthritis , intervertebral disc disease , lick granuloma , cellulitis, and others, in pets.
  6. Lasers are being used in veterinary medicine for pain management, to promote wound healing, to reduce inflammation and swelling, and for rehabilitation in both small and large animal.

How does the laser for pet ?

1.Many canine health issues have responded positively to laser therapy. Therapeutic laser is used to treat a myriad of conditions, including osteoarthritis, intervertebral disc disease, lick granuloma, cellulitis, and others, in dogs. In fact, any place we find inflammation and/or pain, we can apply the principle of photobiomodulation.

2.Dog laser therapy reduces pain and inflammation and promotes the healing of many tissues in the body, including skin, ears, gums, muscles and tendons.Veterinarians are also using laser therapy for dogs as part of their multimodal approach to address ear infections, which often recur or become chronic.

3.Laser therapy for dogs can also help with:

Surgical wound healing,Traumatic wound healing,Increasing the metabolism of specific tissues,Reducing the formation of scar tissue

Immunoregulation,Improving nerve function and nerve regeneration,Releasing of painful trigger points,Speeding the healing of infections

4.In one study, dogs with interdigital follicular cysts (painful nodular lesions) on their feet responded well to laser therapy. Another study, conducted by The Canine and Conditioning Rehabilitation Group, reported that wound healing in dogs significantly progressed with LLLT treatments.

Why use the acupuncture treatment?

  1. During the past few years the use of soft lasers has been adopted by acupuncture healers as an additional tool to the traditional treatment with needles.
  2. While needle acupuncture requires locating precise points, laser acupuncture is precise without effort. The laser beam naturally covers a larger area and thus always acts on the right spot.
  3. Unlike needles, the soft laser beam is non-invasive, does not cause pain, and has the ability to more deeply penetrate since it can penetrate bone, tendons, and muscle.


Why use the COZING-T01A?

  1. Clinical soft laser power - in a light, portable, rechargeable and user friendly medical device, for the rapid, noninvasive and efficient treatment of pain, wounds, burns, sports injuries, inflammation, acne, and skin rejuvenation.
  2. 808nm&650nm laser enable the effective penetration of the laser beam deep into the tissues, levels which were only available in expensive, full-sized machines until now. 

What is the COZING-T01A treatment advantages? 

  1. Perfect combination of medical laser 808nm and home laser 650nm. A laser stabilizer specially added and used by high quality imported laser head,security and stability . Available from 5mw to 755mw and can be used while still plugged.
  2. A perfect combination of the most effective therapy with the ability to provide immediate and continuous treatments, thus enabling high quality and fast recovery in shorter individual treatments, and in shorter periods.
  3. Creative systemic treatment mode of large surface exposure, nasal exposure and acupuncture point exposure to irradiation.
  4. Very stylish design, small size, easy to carry and operate.


In order to achieve full recovery, it is highly important to continue with treatments until the total no. of recommended treatments are reached, even if there is instant improvement in symptoms.

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