COZING-WS11 indications:

Wrist part indications: Balance the High blood pressure ,Reduce the High cholesterol , High blood fat , High blood sugar and High blood viscosity ,Reduces risk of heart attack , Reduces risk of stroke, Reduces inflammation and swelling ,Energizes cell activity and bloodstream, Strengthens the immune system ,Regulates blood flow and circulation , Enhances oxygen carrying capacity,Adjuvent treatment and prevent the Thrombosis, Heart Attack and Stroke, Improves cell deformability.

Ear applicator indications :  Otitis media, deafness, tinnitus, Menieres syndrome.

Nasal applicator indicationsRhinitis, allergic rhinitis, acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis.

About 650nm laser watch:

LLLT Laser Watch is an innovative triple-play device that uses the latest research in the field of low-level laser treatments.It combines acupuncture, local pain management and external blood exposure and will be your ideal partner, whether at home, at work or on the go. The watch is equipped with a pain relief  pad, ear applier and nose applicator.

650nm cold laser is capable of penetrating tissue. It stimulates mitochondria in the cells to produce energy through the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Mitochondria are the power supplies of all cells; they metabolise fuel and produce energy for the cell in the form of ATP. Increased ATP production may lead to enhanced cell metabolism, promoting the damage recovery process, returning cells to a healthy state and reversing many degenerative conditions. 

Soft cold laser is totally safe, with 650nm, 5mW, it is no pain, no side effect, zero damage to the tender ear.

with other accessories together to balance the whole body. It will be more help for ear disease which not only caused by ear, such as neck, medicine side-effect, brain tumor, etc.

Wrist irradiation:

1.Our device adopt 650nm laser irradiate the acupoint.

2.It will penetrate our vessel wall.

3.We can absorb the laser energy to produce the lipopotein lypase,the lypase will decompose the fat garbage in the blood so that improve the microcirculation.

4.Improve the red blood cell carrying oxygen capacity so as to purify the blood or hyperviscosity.improve the islet function, make the insulin secretion to normal level.

5.It can lower the hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, hypertention, diabetes. 


One: How do the laser acupuncture treatment the tinnitus?

The laser is not treatment those diseases directly, but through the laser repair the damaged tissue and cells , and when the laser irradiate the blood, it will trigger a series bio-chemicial and photo-chemical reaction, thus it could treatment those diseases.

Two: How does laser treat rhinitis?

The Rhinitis Therapeutic Instrument mainly adopts the special soft laser light (650nm) which can get through the nasal mucosa of the human body. The soft laser light is featured mild working rate and could be fully and safety absorbed by the nasal tissue of the human body. This kind of laser light has a special repair function to the nasal mucosa of the rhinitis patients. The repaired nasal mucosa could secrete antibacterial material including lysozyme as normal mucosa and restart the normal cleaning function of the swinging cilia on the nasal mucosa.

Three: May I choose a longer treatment time to enhance the curative effect?

Maximum 30min is enough for one time of treatment.Because medical experiment has found that the more energy the mucosal tissue of human body absorbs from  soft laser will not necessarily enhance curative effect, since over irradiation will make the mucosal tissue to be less sensitive.

Four: What should I pay attention to during the treatment period?

You don't need to change your any other living habits, while you should  develop a certain diet or do certain exercise if you have cardiovascular or cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes etc. In addition,please drink more watch after each time of treatment.

Five: May I choose do not use the nasal cavity irradiation?

We strongly recommend that should Combine with the nasal cavity irradiation, thus,can get the maximum treatment efficiency.

Product details & package

This package will including 1*main apparatus+1*nasal applicator+1*ear applicator+1*connection wire+1*adapter +1*manual book.

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