What is the COZING-T01A indications?

How do the Laser therapy pain?

The lasers used are certified as low level laser therapy (LLLT). For the past 30 years the technology of low level laser therapy (also known as Cold Laser Therapy has been formally accepted in North America and in many other parts of the world such as Europe, Russia and Japan. In all this time there have been no recorded long-term adverse effects from low level laser therapy. It is considered to be non-invasive, painless and safe.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) uses laser light energy to stimulate cells to function optimally. In the body, light sensitive chromophores and other elements within the cell absorb energy, initiating a series of important photochemical changes such as increased production of ATP. The mitochondria and Kreb’s Cycle stimulation initiates the production of ATP, providing the cell with the extra energy needed to accelerate the healing process and positively influence pain. These activities can occur in all types of cells and includes ligament, nerves, cartilage and muscle.

How do the Laser treatment sprain?

Cold laser is an excellent treatment for decreasing pain and inflammation. It utilizes specific wavelengths and frequencies of energy to shut off the inflammatory pathways. In addition, these wavelengths increase blood flow to the injured area to accelerate healing and repair. Increase blood flow means more nutrients are flowing to the area. The body uses the extra nutrients in its repair and regeneration process, enabling it to place more fibers across the injured joint to accelerate healing. The extra blood flow is also able to wash away more of the waste material which produced during the repair and inflammatory processes.

Low level Laser for wound healing

Wound healing is a complex phenomenon which depends upon a number of factors. It is amazing to note that the natural process of healing gears into action as soon as the injury occurs-which could either be an internal injury with bleeding occurring inside the wound site or an external one with the blood oozing out of the open wound. If the vessel is internal, blood seeps into surrounding tissue, and a bruise forms. Chronic and deep wounds in animals or humans are very painful, take time to heal so they need proper care.

Low level Laser have been proven to have enormous benefits for your skin. Scientific studies have shown that some skin cells may actually develop 150-200% faster when exposed to cold laser wavelengths. This increase in cellular growth may help increase the healing process tremendously. Tests have revealed that both laser wavelengths affect at least 24 varied and constructive changes at a cellular level.

There are perhaps three main areas of medicine and veterinary practice where LLLT has a major role to play, these are:

(i) wound healing, tissue repair and prevention of tissue death;

(ii) relief of inflammation in chronic diseases and injuries with its associated pain and edema;

(iii) relief of neurogenic pain and some neurological problems.  

Scientific basis for use of LLLT:

Some researchers argue that in essence LLLT works similarly to the cosmetic skin rejuvenation methods employing controlled damage followed by tissue healing and remodeling. The effects of the light used in LLLT overlap with biochemical changes seen during tissue damage, such as production of free radicals. In particular, LLLT was shown to boost the energy production by mitochondria, increase collagen synthesis, stimulate micro-circulation and so forth. 


COZING-T01A Advantages: 

1. Perfect combination of medical laser 808nm and home laser 650nm.

2. Available from 5mw to 755mw and can be used while still plugged.

3. Creative systemic treatment mode of large surface exposure and acupuncture point exposure to irradiation.

4. Our semiconductor laser devices are used by high quality imported laser head, which has the long life-span.

5. Very stylish design, small size, easy to carry and operate.

Note: In order to achieve full recovery, it is highly important to continue with treatments until the total no. of recommended treatments are reached, even if there is instant improvement in symptoms.

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