COZING-MR04 Indications: 

  1. Pain relief, Anti-inflammatory, swelling, promoting blood circulation, auxiliary treatment for hemorrhoids and various inflammations. 
  2. Blue light can repair rough skin surface, making skin silky and smooth. Control skin grease and remove acne.
  3. Red light can improve the producing of collagen, restraining wrinkles, spots and pigmentation, relieving fatigue and make skin elastic

COZING-MR04 Benefits

  1. LED Blue light can play a bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect and to improve the surface of the skin. It can penetrate the skin 0.25mm to destroy bacteria, living environment, alleviate inflammation. Therefore, it can be eliminated from the skin and improve the acne scar. At the same time, the blue light to make you calm. If a part of the blue light on the face you will feel relaxed, calm and comfortable. It has a good effect for the treatment of acne, Inhibiting the growth of facial bacteria and clamming the allergic skin.
  2. LED red light can promote the growth of skin collagen. It has the good effect of Acne scars Treatment, Stimulating the circulation of blood, relieving the pain of allergic dermatitis. The high purity of the red light can penetrate the skin deep to photochemical activity increased to accelerate cell regeneration. The new supersedes the old., red light irradiation can effectively increase collagen cell activity, accelerate the elimination of wastes or dead cells from the tissue and stimulate fibroblast growth. Therefore, the red light can repair damaged skin, remove fine lines and restore skin elasticity, improve dull skin, make your skin tender, white, fresh. Besides, the red light can eliminate skin inflammation, have a positive effect on pathological changes of cells.

How Blue Light Can Treat Acne?
Acne bacteria have chemicals in their protective membranes called porphyrins. One of the poryphorins in the protective barrier of the acne bacterium resonates with visible blue light of wavelengths between 407 and 420 nanometers. These blue pigments in the bacteria respond to the blue light in a photodynamic fashion that causes them heat up and burst the membrane. Oxygen from the surrounding pore attacks the organelles inside the bacterium, and most acne bacteria, about 99.99% of all acne bacteria, die within 48 hours of exposure.
Blue light therapy has a tremendous advantage over antibiotics since bacteria cannot develop genetic resistance to the therapy, and the treatment will not create a resistant strain. Even better, the skin itself is undamaged by these wavelengths of light. UV light is not necessary to kill the bacteria.

How Red Light Can Heal Acne?
Bacteria and the immune system’s reaction to them is only part of acne. Another part of the problem is the over-production of sebum. Stopping the over-production of sebum can help the skin keep pores open.
The sebaceous glands that make sebum are located beneath the pores. They cannot be reached by blue light. They can, however, be reached by red light. When the skin is irradiated with visible red light, sebaceous glands are heated, and shrink. Although it is possible to irritate the skin so much that there is a rebound reaction in which pores actually fill with even more sebum, a mild dose of red light may be just enough to stop the production of new whiteheads and blackheads.

What is the clinical result?

What's the advantages of COZING-MR04?

  1. Non-contact, non-invasive treatment, no side effect;
  2. Treatment of the entire face can be done once;
  3. The stable output intensity of the light source, exact treatment dosage, and long-span light source;
  4. No heat, UV, and pigmentation;
  5. Easy and convenient operation. Operators and medical workers can master after simple training.
  6. Two types of light into one device, Red light, and Blue light could be switched for different treatments.
  7. 105W LED light to accelerate the effect of treatment
  8. Medical CE Certificate
  9. The FREE TREATMENT PROTOCOL are available.

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